Recycling Container Systems

Growing green consciousness is fast making recycling the norm in urban communities around the world. Civic centers, shopping arcades, street boulevards and general city neighbourhoods are all looking to implement recycling initiatives. We are home to the largest selection of recycling container systems in the Middle East – from domestic recycling bins to solar powered units at public spaces – we have recycling containers for every need.

  • Accepor 160 recycle
  • Acceptor 110 recycle
  • Excreta container canines
  • Sulo recycling
  • Stillo
  • Stanzione
  • Stallion
  • SS milano
  • S.S milano
  • Recycling cage
  • Paper recycling bin
  • Nomad recycling island
  • Multi recycle bin
  • Metro
  • Metro II
  • Hulk recycling
  • Di legnio
  • Bs milano