Internal Designer Litter Bins

Litter receptacles form an integral part of modern urban living. They represent an amalgamation of practicality and aesthetics.
Having metamorphosed from simple waste containers to design elements – they are now critical to comprehensive interior designs.
We have the largest range of internal waste receptacles in the Middle East from simple bathroom bins to sophisticated recycling units – our experience in this arena is second to none.

  • Papermaking ufo
  • Ecopoints
  • Knight
  • S.S URN
  • Pedal bin - brush mirror finish
  • Pedal bin - brush finish
  • T Shaped bin
  • Swing top
  • S.S. almond
  • Neptune
  • Mall bin
  • Jumbo food court bin
  • Half round bin
  • Bella
  • Ballerina picolo
  • Ballerina junior
  • Ballerina half
  • Ballerina